Google Cloud

Solving together with Google Cloud

The use of cloud services is crucial for businesses to be successful, innovative, and competitive in the long term. We help our customers in their digital transformation by leveraging cutting edge technological innovation. We have chosen Google Cloud as one of our strategic partners.

We see Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as a world leader in its field, with strong growth in both customer engagement and innovation. GCP has a well established ecosystem of services, particularly strong in data analytics and security, with excellent integration with other Google services and a strong commitment to open-source standards.

We started our partnership with Google in early 2019, focusing on Google Cloud Platform and Looker. Currently, we are primarily active and offer expertise in three areas:

  1. Cloud Foundation Architecture & Security
  2. Data & Analytics
  3. Application Modernization & Development
We see tremendous potential in our collaboration with Google, how we can jointly develop expertise and enable leading service development with technological innovation. - Michael Forsberg, Google Partner Manager at Forefront

Industry and product expertise

Industry: Business and Professional Services, Industrial Goods and Manufacturing, Retail and Wholesale

Product/Technology: Google Cloud Analytics, Google Cloud Identity and Security, Google Cloud ML and ML APIs, Google Cloud Networking

We assist you through out your Google Cloud journey

Depending on your ambition, strategy, and business goals, we tailor our support to deliver as much value as possible. Our expertise in GCP enables customers to establish strategy, architecture, and implementation of new or modernized cloud services. We also see it as our role to develop our customers' knowledge in Google Cloud and can offer customized training activities for knowledge transfer, as well as act as a reseller of Google Cloud.

Forefront works to understand our goals and then match them to capabilities in Google Cloud. They have given us a much better understanding of what is possible, the best practices of using new solutions, and showing us how to achieve success going forward. - Olof Granberg, Director of Data and Advanced Analytics Technology, ICA Group

Solution expertise

Automated backup and restore, Compliance Modernization, Data Protection and Privacy, Identity and device management, Data Science Development, Data integrations, Data Lake Modernization, Data processing, Data Warehouse Modernization, Looker BI Modernization, and Streaming Data Analytics