Greater ambitions

Technology can help us all leap into the future. We’re here to help our customers take the right step, at the right time, with the right team.


We are Forefront

Since being founded in 2008, our IT and business consultants have helped our customers succeed in their respective industries by ensuring they never lack the competence, power, or strategy to fulfil their ambitions. Today, we consist of more than 500 employees – or Frontiers as we prefer to call ourselves – that collectively embody the experience and knowledge most consultancy firms only dream about. With offices in 10+ locations, we ensure that we're able to meet the market where they need us to be.


What we offer our customers

We’ve adapted our offerings to the market to ensure each and every customer receives the service and competence they need in order to stay relevant. Every challenge is unique, which is why we tailor our offerings to make sure you maximise the value of partnering up with us.

Application Acceleration

The modern organisation needs systems and architecture that enable you to change with the times, as well as being secure and sustainable. Whether you are building applications from scratch or modernising existing systems, we ensure a safe and qualitative delivery, from design to development.

Business Efficiency

Efficiency is all about finding ways to streamline your organisation, reduce your costs, and increase your productivity in order to stay relevant. You become efficient by being proactive and managing to produce high-quality goods and services at a reasonable cost. We’re here to help you with that.

Data Driven Organisation

Data is an asset for all parts of a business. However, data needs to be refined, analysed, and understood by those wanting to use data in order to make more informed decisions. Leveraging data and analytics enables organisations improve their marketing, logistics, finance, and customer experience, leading to increased efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Modern Worklife

The work-life balance is becoming more and more fluid, and as this happens we have to stay vigilant to keep up with many new information streams. In addition, hybrid work is becoming the new normal. We help CIOs, internal communicators, and leaders who aspire to create an optimal employee experience to do just that – and more.

Sustainable IT

The ICT industry is, in general, often portrayed as the industry that will doubtlessly save the climate with the help of digitalisation (no pressure). With the help of new technologies, we’re able to create services and solutions that reduce the climate impact for most industries. However, the ICT industry has a not-so-small footprint of its own that needs to be dealt with. It’s time to clean up the ICT industry’s act!


Over the last 15 years, we’ve gathered experience and expertise from large transformations at the intersection of IT and business. We contribute in all phases of a major change - from strategy, goal formulation, and planning, to implementation, governance, development, and change management.

Design Driven Business Development

The word 'design' often brings to mind things that are visual, such as beautiful images, interesting layouts, or stylish fonts. That’s not what being design-driven is about. Being design-driven is all about working systematically on solving problem with a holistic perspective, and doing things that create real value. Experimenting and testing through iterative processes is second nature, all whilst ensuring a cross-functional approach.


Companies in the Forefront family

Although the correct term would be subsidiary companies, we prefer to think of the companies below as family members. Different organisation number or not, all Forefront-companies collaborate seamlessly to ensure that the market needs are not only met, but exceeded.

Act – Application Management

Forefront Act helps organisations get the most out of their applications through Next Generation managed Application Services. Using the latest technology and backed up by 500 Frontiers, we enable you to run your daily business without interference, ensuring you can stay focused on what's important to you.

Accelerate –Subcontractors

Forefront Accelerate helps smaller tech companies and independent consultants find exciting assignments. In addition, we make sure that you develop and thrive in your role as a consultant.

Amplify –Talent, re-skill, up-skill

Forefront Amplify offers a unique recruitment service, where we activate our network of professionals – our 500+ consultants. Through our extensive network, we have a much more extensive and strong network than traditional recruiters.

Connect with us

Nothing makes us happier than creating new ties with those excited to co-create great things. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to make your strategy come to life, want to know more about what life is like as a Frontier, or simply want to  talk about everything and nothing? Either way, get in touch and we’ll reply promptly.